RE:     2023 Ministry Budget Request  

Dear Ministry Leaders,  

It is that time again when we must start preparing and planning for the upcoming year.   God has truly blessed and sustained us during the COVID period, and your faithful service has been instrumental in keeping our mission of being “God’s People, In God’s Service, Serving God’s People” at the forefront of the ministries you serve.  

This year, we find ourselves embarking on a new journey as we make projections for 2023.   We must look at the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats that surround our ministries in ways we may have not contemplated in the past.   As we start to operate in our “new normal” post COVID, we must reevaluate how, when and where our ministries will function.   We are faced with challenges and expenses of ministering in a hybrid environment (in-person and remotely), reaching a larger and more diverse audience, staying engaging, relevant and connected all while going through a period of high inflation.  

When determining your budgets, please consider all the variables that may affect the actual expenses associated with each function/project/event, and carefully count the cost.  To help with the budgeting process, a column has been added, “Month Funds will be Needed” to this year’s Spending Plan.   As in previous years, each column under the Budget Request Information has a comment explaining what is to go into that column (when you hover over the red triangle in the upper right corner of the cell, the comment will become visible).

  The 2023 Ministry Spending Plan Proposal Form is available via the church website -      Click on Virtual Office

-Scroll Down to and Click on – Ministry Budget Form

  • You may complete and submit the form online-it will be delivered to my mailbox 
  • You may download the form, complete and emailed it to  

Please return the completed form no later than November 1, 2022.   Should you have any questions or need assistance in completing the form, I am available to help.  My contact information is shown below.  

In His Service,

Angela C. Urrutia, Treasurer

Cell: 626-622-8067 E-Mail: