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Video Announcement Guidelines The Drama & Multi-media ministries are improving our processes to better serve SSMBC ministries.  Here’s an update on how to use the service. 

Church office approval of your event is mandatory.  Contact Director of Operations Shelli Shaw for event approval process.        

Complete the Video Announcement Request Form above and submit it to Sis. Carmen Steward by the submission date listed below, the earlier the better.  Work backwards from your event date – example…if your event is in early to mid-December, we suggest airing the video announcement in November, taping is in October, request form is due October 1st.         

Don’t stress about writing a script, we’ll take care of that for you J, but your ideas are welcome.         Ministry leaders will be advised by email which Sunday(s) their video segment will air.         

Acceptance and airing of video footage is limited – please contact me directly for details.     


No late submissions accepted.  Your submitted script may be edited for length as in-service video announcement time is limited.   Contact Carmen Steward at 626-488-7041 or for more information


Please do not forward your announcement request, flyer or footage to the video technician.         

Remember, the video announcements do not replace our weekly printed bulletin, or other advertising methods, so continue to use the printed bulletin, eblasts, SSMBC app and website, flyers, email, social media, etc.